Scholarly Materials:


Currently ISArcH has following research Materials  and Resources:

  1. Collection of the heritage architectural documentation done by the 3rd Year Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies Students in for over 12 years that records heritage buildings from the different parts of the Islamic world.
  2. Researches and publications by academic members
  3. Proceedings of Conferences organized and attended by academic members on Islamic Architectural Heritage and its related matters;
  4. Book Collections on Islamic Heritage from the Muslim World;
  5. Selected students essays and assignments from relevant courses on the subject matter and its relevance.

Access to Labs and Facilities  (Under KAED):

  1. Heritage Lab, KAED
  2. Virtual Reality Lab, KAED
  3. Conservation Lab, KAED
  4. Multimedia Lab, KAED
  5. Proto-typing Lab, KAED
  6. Laser Scanning Lab, KAED


1. Fully operational and complete Photographic and Videography Equipment,

2. Drawing Plotter.

3. Laser Cutter.

4. 3D Laser Scanner

5. Computer.

6. Printer.

7. Survey and Measuring equipment.

8. LCD Projector.


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Islamic Architectural Heritage

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