Events and Activities

Since its inception ISArcH is involved in different activities related to Islamic architectural Heritage and Conservation. Following are some of the activities that ISArcH has planned for recent future;

1. ISArcH exhibition 2014.

2. Publications:

-Providing avenue as chapters for KAED and other members to publish research papers, conference papers, selected lectures in as well as allied areas of Islamic architecture

-With Editorial Boards, Reviewers

-And scientific committees

3. Post Graduate Research:(in collaboration with KAED, ISTAC ,Jabatan Warisan Malaysia and other authoritative bodies/organisation)

Topics: Theory, Practice, Technology, History, Archeology, Construction, Digital, Tourism, Law, Health, Culture, Climatic, Identity, Civilisation, other………..

Examiners: Inter and intra university


4. Heritage Studies Management:







-On Site Field Work



5. Conference, Seminar and Symposium:

ISArcH Inaugural Conference 2014.








6. Urban Masjid Seminar, 2014





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Islamic Architectural Heritage

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