About Us

ISlamic Architectural Heritage (ISArcH)


ISArcH was formed on 13th June 2013 as research cluster under Kulliyyah of Architecture  and Environmental Design ( KAED), International Islamic University of Malaysia with three major objectives ( commonly termed as AAA) as following.

1. Awareness

To raise awareness of Islamic built heritage, its preservation and inspire participation through documentation and practice.

(Demonstrate its relevance in today’s society.

Redefine Islamic values through its architectural practice)

  1. Appreciate

To showcase the rich diversity of the Islamic architecture around the world and its economic, cultural, and environmental association for the benefits of preservation.

(i.e. by providing guidelines and policies for preservation of historic monuments, promoting adaptive re-use of heritage buildings, and other relevant significant contribution as required)

  1. Advocate

To provide a regional resource centre of practical information regarding Islamic Architectural Heritage, practices and its preservation.

(Facilitate connections with expertise and resources.

Share necessary information and technical expertise to relevant associations and other groups.)

The major goals of ISArcH are

Goal 1:

As IIUM target to be the Premier Global Islamic University, the Islamic Architectural Heritage Research Unit (ISArcH) is poised to become the centre of excellence to capture the facets of Islamic Built Heritage around the world. It aims :

  1. To record, document, undertake research, publish, train and disseminate information on common and historic monuments of Islamic significance so as to continue and safeguard the architecture of the Muslim world for posterity;
  2. To creat public awareness about Islam and its values through the richness of the Islamic built environment of the past for the future;
  3. To promote sustainability to the research culture through integration of various approaches and inculcating a variety of research ideas.

Goal 2:

The Islamic Architectural Heritage Research Unit (ISArcH), Other than its regular academic research activities, aims :

  1. To be an active research unit that would conduct research on buildings and the built environment of Islamic heritage significance, in Malaysia and the Globe;
  2. To work on public projects in collaboration with government departments, quasi-government agencies, as well as private agencies for private projects.
  3. To apply its expertise in a wide-ranging projects including historical research, architectural studies, architectural appraisals, heritage documentation, heritage buildings survey, conservation studies, and heritage impact assessment.

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